About Us
About Us

Kudaratvedaa (Nature Care Enterprise) is a "Make in India" D2C brand that brings the therapeutic properties & aromatic goodness of pure natural essential oils through it's different beauty & personal care products. Our mission is very simple! "To provide premium quality natural care products at affordable prices which not only is great for your skin or hair but helps stimulate your soul!

Started off as an experiment for the women in the house, slowly and steadily started taking shape of a home grown brand. Our founder Mr. Srajan Rastogi found this magical ingredient - essential oils which are pure and completely natural. Once he started deep diving into it, he realized the immense possibilities this natural ayurvedic ingredient brings for a human being and hence Kudaratvedaa was born.

"Kudarat + Ayurveda" is the root behind the name, hence connecting nature and ayurveda and packaging the beauty in a bottle! Our products are not only good for your skin and hair but also play an important role in maintaining the emotional wellbeing which is of utmost importance in today's tech enabled transactional world.

Mr. Srajan wishes to unlock this ginie and bring these magical products based out of pure and natural essential oils out to the world so as to make it better than ever!