• Pain Reliever: For Muscular Pains (10 ml)
  • Pain Reliever: For Muscular Pains (10 ml)
  • Pain Reliever: For Muscular Pains (10 ml)
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Pain Reliever: For Muscular Pains (10 ml)

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Product Description

Kudaratvedaa's "Pain Reliever" is an essential oil based roll-on for pain relief which works well on any form of muscular pain, joints pain, headache, etc. It is a curated blend of natural therapeutic essential oils blended with extremely beneficial carrier oils. It is a natural pain-relief oil which is safe to use and causes zero addiction. It is hand crafted by Kudaratvedaa with care.


Quantity: 10 ml



  1. Easy to use roll on which works on all muscular pains
  2. Works well on mild headaches, joint pain as well
  3. Goodness of 4 ultra-useful pure essential oils
  4. Peppermint oil gives a soothing cooling sensation
  5. Comes in a 10ml roll-on bottle, easy to carry & use



This magical pain relieving essential oil blend contains Lavender Essential Oil, Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Clove Essential Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil & Peppermint Essential Oil



Apply the roll on blend on pain points like forehead, knee, joints or wherever the pain persists. 4-5 swipes at one point are good enough for a soothing pain relieving impact. To be used only for external pains. Prevent direct air from fan, AC, cooler, etc. on the point where the roll-on is applied.



Pure essential oils blended with carrier oils are not known to cause any harm, but we strongly recommend to do a patch test. Avoid usage on sensitive skin areas like lips & eyes. For external use only. Pregnant women & people with any existing allergies, please take advice from doctor before usage.

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