• Periods Pain: For Period cramps & pain (10 ml)
  • Periods Pain: For Period cramps & pain (10 ml)
  • Periods Pain: For Period cramps & pain (10 ml)
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Periods Pain: For Period cramps & pain (10 ml)

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Kudaratvedaa's "Periods Pain" is an essential oil based roll-on for cramps & pain during monthly periods for girls ad women. It is a curated blend of natural therapeutic essential oils blended with extremely beneficial carrier oils. It is a natural blend which not only helps in relieving cramps and pin during periods but also regulates menstrual flow. It is hand crafted by Kudaratvedaa with care.


Quantity: 10 ml



  1. Therapeutic nature of the oil blend helps in reduction of cramps & pain during periods
  2. Eases muscle cramps during menstruation
  3. Roll on lower tummy area pre & during periods
  4. Also helps in regulating menstrual flow during the periods



This essential pain relieving blend contains Lavender Essential Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil, Clove Essential Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Cedarwood Essential Oil, Pure Grapeseed Oil & Rose Essential Oil



Apply the roll on essential blend on lower tummy area. Start applying it 4-5 days prior to the regular start date of monthly menstrual cycle & keep applying during the 3-5 days of periods. 4-5 long swipes on the lower tummy area will start showing impactful results. Keep the tummy area covered post application of the roll-on for better results.



Pure essential oils blended with carrier oils are not known to cause any harm, but we strongly recommend to do a patch test. Avoid usage on sensitive skin areas like lips & eyes. For external use only. Pregnant women & people with any existing allergies, please take advice from doctor before usage.

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