• De-Stress: Stress Relieving Blend (10 ml)
  • De-Stress: Stress Relieving Blend (10 ml)
  • De-Stress: Stress Relieving Blend (10 ml)
  • De-Stress: Stress Relieving Blend (10 ml)
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De-Stress: Stress Relieving Blend (10 ml)

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Product Description

Kudaratvedaa's "De-Stress" is a concentrated essential oil blend which can be used in a diffuser or bath water. It is a curated blend of natural therapeutic essential oils which help in relieving the daily stress caused due to work or any other reasons. De-Stress is a magical blend which when used on a regular basis keeps your mind relaxes and reduces stress levels. It is hand crafted by Kudaratvedaa with care.


Quantity: 10 ml



  1. Perfect after stressful day at work/home
  2. Brings a sense of mental calmness and peace
  3. Alleviates anxiety and depression
  4. Keeps your mind focused and refreshed
  5. It's refreshing aroma can quickly sooth your mood



This anti-stress essential oil blend contains Bergamot Essential Oil, Sandalwood Essential Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil & Rose Essential Oil



Put 8-10 drops of essential diffuser oil in 100 ml in a diffuser. It gives a medicinal & pure aroma that relaxes your mind, reduces the feeling of anxiety and depression and also reduces stress levels. You can also put 10-12 drops in a bucket of lukewarm water while bathing



This is a highly concentrated blend. Do not use on skin without dilution in a carrier oil. Keep in a dry & cool place, away from direct sunlight or heat. Pregnant women & people with any existing allergies, please take advice from doctor before usage.

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